What does Neevo mean?

Patience and Courage

Why is your "4 - way" stretch (Ultra Flex) superior?

One of the top goals when starting this company was to provide the highest quality workout gear on the market. Our 4 way stretch feels smooth, buttery, and will provide extra stretch. You will also find that 4 way stretch is more comfortable, delicate, and will keep you dry at your peak performance. Our team dedicated countless time and energy to mastering the technology of this fabric. 

What is your return policy? 

 Our return policy can be found here: Neevo Return Policy.

How to submit a product review?

Share your thoughts with others, by ranking your product and giving a review. 

   Summiting your review:

  1. Go to Neevofitness.com.
  2. Head to the products page, and click your product. 
  3. Scroll mid way and click " Write Review
   Your Review will be available for views within 1-2 days.